Eco Friendly Hand holding plant

Eco-Friendly Businesses

The big elephant in the room for the whole of 2019 seems to have been the eco-friendly way of living and getting on with our daily life, But how can a business go eco-friendly? Many people have taken to the most drastic of all measures in order to protect our world from the harm we… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Businesses

SEO in letter squares

The Beauty of SEO for Your Business

The first thing you are probably thinking, what on earth is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is vital, a necessity for your business if you are looking for your website to be found. Relying on people to find you through searching without any type of SEO work will leave you with what you may think is… Continue reading The Beauty of SEO for Your Business

Stress of Working at Home

Working from home may seem wonderful, and enjoyable being in your home comfort, but is it really the most beneficial way to run your business? With small businesses really starting to make a local impact on towns and cities, the amount of workers from home is on the rise. The productivity levels are being effected… Continue reading Stress of Working at Home

Local Businesses and the Impact they have.

As we are located in the town of Kinross, we have been noticing the increase of local businesses in the area. The variety is astonishing from craft and gifts, to mobile valeting, to Electrical repairs. We decided to investigate the impact that all the local businesses in the area are having on the local community… Continue reading Local Businesses and the Impact they have.