Eco Friendly Hand holding plant

Eco-Friendly Businesses

The big elephant in the room for the whole of 2019 seems to have been the eco-friendly way of living and getting on with our daily life, But how can a business go eco-friendly?

Many people have taken to the most drastic of all measures in order to protect our world from the harm we are (mostly) causing. There is a lot still to be followed in the footsteps of Copenhagen, Denmark who are known as the most eco friendly city in the world. Many people may have been hit very hard with the news of how our planet is progressing and taken drastic measures such as selling their homes to move into specific eco friendly pods. Businesses of course, can’t take such major actions within a small time scale, so we have come up with some small ways you can help the world out a bit.


Avoid Single Use Plastics

  • Water Filters – Save on those bulk water bottles, instead invest in a one-off purchase of a water filter jug and use the tap water.
  • Coffee Cups – Avoid using single use coffee cups when you are in a rush looking for your morning fix, take a re-usable one with you in your work bag.
  • Straws – Nipping out the office for your lunch? say no to straws, Save our turtles! Or, buy yourself a re-usable one like so.
  • Lunch Time – Making lunch at home? Try to go for plastic free produce, also take your lunch in a re-usable container instead of a sandwich bag.

Sourcing Local

  • Local Suppliers – Give your local suppliers a shot, after all, helping those close to you does have more benefits!
  • The 4 Seasons – Tailor your business to the 4 seasons around you, this will reduce more of your business waste.
  • Office Re-Vamps – Looking to kit out some of your office with new stuff? Give up-cycled furniture a go, lots of local selling pages have a huge selection of equipment you could put to use.
  • Giving Back – Give back to your local community, offer some of your time or your employees time to help volunteer around the local area to show you care.


Eco-Friendly Suppliers

  • Go Local – Save on your delivery costs, and the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Ethics First – Companies are in a constant battle for who is more ethical in the manner of which they run their business. Choose the supplier that matches your ethical beliefs.
  • Durability – Your products are your business. Make sure they are durable and long lasting to avoid making them single use.
  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle – When getting rid of your waste, use recycling centers. Not one near? Businesses will come to you to help get rid of your unwanted waste.
  • Repair Instead of Replace – Some things broken? Don’t replace them, get them repaired. Re-using products for as long as their life gives you will also give you the best value for money.


Our office suites use a green energy supplier, why not consider switching your business?

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