What help can i get for my business?

The amount of resources you can now easily access is unreal. There are endless support groups, training courses, business mentors and so on. What makes them even better? Majority of them are actually free to use.

These organisations can offer you a vast range of advice and support on almost any topic within your business. Whether you need advice on recruiting staff, paying your VAT or improving productivity, they can always help you.

These services can also help those who have maybe a good start up idea they want to follow up on.  Workshops are always on to assist and mentor you through your business planning to your market research. The amount of free help and support you can get will ensure you always know what you are doing. It may even be something simple, such as advice on a current regulation and how to work by it.

One of the main ways that you can access these services and courses is simply by looking online. Business Gateway is a great place to start no matter what, as they have training centers all over the country.

Check out what you can find: Business Gateway

Another local service you can access some amazing help from is your local council. There may be business grants etc you can get to help you start up or continue on.
There are also loads of mygov.scot pages on how to work out tax, business rates etc that you can utilise for your business. The information is Free, and there is a lot of it too. They can also re-direct you to sites you might find useful when the topic area is narrowed down.

Check out what you can find: mygov.scot


Looking to start training staff perhaps? Skills Development Scotland can help you to put your employees through relevant apprenticeships, training courses and perhaps even college courses. Every Council Region can offer you different support dependent on what you require. Don’t be afraid to approach them to see what assistance you can get.

Check out what you can find: Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland


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