Take Five Campaign

Protecting yourself and your business from financial fraud is a vital when running your day to day business. The new advice we have received from Tayside Prevention Hub in respects of the Take Five campaign shows you how to tackle potential fraudulent activity.

Step One

NEVER disclose your pin number. Or any other security details. your bank will not require your pin number, if they do ask for this, hang up and contact your bank on a known number. These details are never to be revealed.

Step Two

Not every email request you will receive is genuine – One top way to notice this is to check the email this is from, and the reply to email. A lot of the time they are different and may say from your bank but reply to a persons email address. Be aware, people aren’t always who they say they are.

Step Three

Dealing with a professional will never result in you being rushed – A bank doesn’t mind giving you time to think about a query, If you feel like you are being rushed and don’t feel comfortable, remain in control and remember you have the right to refuse the information required.

These steps are vital to protecting yourself, family members or business from acts of Fraud. If you are in doubt ever about who you are talking to, you can hang up and call back on a number you are comfortable with and remain in control of the situation.

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