Local Businesses and the Impact they have.

As we are located in the town of Kinross, we have been noticing the increase of local businesses in the area. The variety is astonishing from craft and gifts, to mobile valeting, to Electrical repairs.

We decided to investigate the impact that all the local businesses in the area are having on the local community of Kinross and out width.

Having such a variety of services/goods at your disposal does not go un-noticed in small communities. With the rise of individuals starting up small businesses within the communities, we can have everything we require within a 20 mile radius. Of course, you still have your large competitors that will always be in the market, but do they really outshine smaller businesses?
We had a look at the main contributions small businesses make to the community below:

Identity within the community

Local businesses within the community can really raise awareness of a town/village by giving it a little bit of character and quirkiness. Many businesses may not think much about who they are trying to attract, but later realise the aesthetic of a business and how the businesses functions can make a huge difference. Tourism boards look for places that visitors will feel welcome, see things they like to see and be able to have things they perhaps can’t back home. These all contribute to the identity that a business will bring a community, for example ‘I remember that fantastic coffee shop in Kinross, it was lovely to sit and watch the world go by in such a lovely place!’

Interacting with your local community

Interaction is key. If you are involved in getting your hands dirty within the community, helping in a large scale project or offering young people jobs in the area, people will notice this interaction and take it as more welcoming and a well-spirited business. Taking your neighbors into consideration when making business decisions is also a big interaction that plays a part in how your business will develop in the area. Perhaps you may decide to sponsor a local football team, or maybe you are looking to donate in a local project to assist, there will always be opportunities, but you have to get involved.

Local Rescources

Being a local business, you want the residents and other businesses of the area to really consider your goods/services, but do you consider theirs? Sourcing ingredients, parts, even staff locally will really have an impact on the face of your business. It may seem like it would be more expensive, but a lot of the time it really boils down to the service you receive. Locals will also know the ins and outs of the target area better than anyone else, so don’t be a stranger to those around you. Do you use any local businesses?




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